Quand LM soutient et adore ce projet qui dure dans le temps permettant à des artistes plus modestes que ceux qui abordent les salles de ventes et donc les grandes galeries, de pouvoir profiter en OFF des grandes Foires de l’Art Contemporain pour exposer et vendre leur travail.

Concept délirant, une chambre d’Hôtel par Artistes …

Il reste à ce jour 3 chambres …. Foncez !!!

Quelques uns des exposants que vous retrouverez sur place http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150588435036591.404402.250821091590&type=1

***Deadline extended to next Monday Feb. 13 ***
*** 3 rooms left ***
PooL Art Fair New York City March 9th, 10th, 11th, 2012
9th Edition | Flat Iron Hotel 26th street & Broadway

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Frere Independent is now reviewing applications for the 9th edition of the PooL Art Fair in New York City. Slated for the 9th, 10th, and 11th of March 2012, PooL is the only exhibition to present great, independent artists who are otherwise unrepresented during the Armory Show week in New York.

The simple, modest approach of the PooL Art Fair offers an exciting alternative to the « Art Fair » experience for dealers and collectors as well as the general public. PooL’s purpose is to create a meeting ground for outstanding artists, primarily those who do not yet have gallery representation. Artist agents, emerging galleries, artists’ collectives, and non-profit organizations are also invited to apply to participate as exhibitors. The fair serves as an invaluable resource for the artistic community and the general public.

PooL Art Fair offers artists the opportunity to be a part of the unique and important cultural environment that manifests during that week in March. Manhattan fills with art enthusiasts from around the world. PooL Art Fair lives at the center of the excitement.

Finally, artists are able to sell works while expanding their network and receiving invitations to exhibit or create site-specific works.

We select artists whose works are original, and challenging. Exhibiting artists use hotel guest rooms to display their work creating a unique and personal setting. We ask that they share with the public their most recent works.

PooL Art Fair New York 2012 will be held the 9th, 10th, and 11th of March.

*Deadline for application to PooL Art Fair is FEBRUARY 5th, 2012.
***Deadline extended to next MondayFeb. 13
******Deadline extended to next MondayFeb. 13
******Deadline extended to next MondayFeb. 13
Download application form here

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Frere Independent
NYC : + 1 (212) 604-0519
Paris Fixe: +33 (0) 1 48 07 22 92
Guadeloupe Fixe: +590 590 94 83 50
Guadeloupe Mobile: +590 690 41 86 80
Martinique Mobile : + 596 696 80 1092

Exhibitor Coordinator
Frere Independent New York
Tel. + 1 (646) 827 9205

PooL Art Fair is organized by Frere Independent
a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation.

Frere Independent
149 West 24th Street, suite 3A
New York NY 10011

PooL Art Fair New York 2011 | Standpipe gallery new york
Photo : Hassun Mini Banks


PooL Art Fair New York 2011 | Performance Clarina Bezzola
Photo : Hassun Mini Banks


PooL Art Fair New York 2011 | Curator Savanah Spirit
Photo : Hassun Mini Banks


PooL Art Fair New York 2011 | Artist Elisabeth Sowell-Zak (right)
Photo : Hassun Mini Banks


Flatiron Hotel 26th street and Broadway


Thierry Alet
Artist & Founder
Frere Independent

The Next Art is Here

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